Right now in the United States there is more student loan debt then there is credit card debt. The average student is leaving college with over $19,000 in student loans. Although the value of a college education is much greater than this cost, the poor economy has left many recent college graduates without a job and no way to pay these loans.

Student loans are usually non-dischargeable in personal bankruptcy. This means that after your chapter 7 bankruptcy erases all your other debts, you still have to pay student loan debt. The reason many people with student loans due file bankruptcy is to remove the credit card and other debt to focus on living costs and student loans.

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Talk to Your Student Loan Company

More than any other type of lender, you student loan lender will work with you to make payment arrangements. You may be able to defer the payments for a period of time, consolidate your student loans into one payment with a longer term or pay a lower amount for a while. All this could happen if you are proactive and talk with your lender, DON’T AVOID STUDENT LOANS.

Remember the first steps in solving the problems are knowing your options. Call the Law Office of Brian R Lewis 508-946-3323 and find out if personal bankruptcy can move forward to a debt free future.