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Dennis Rodman, the infamous NBA star, is going to get no help from the bankruptcy courts in discharging the nearly $100,000 he owes in back child support. Child support and other domestic support payments are two of the few things that are not discharged in a personal bankruptcy When people file bankruptcy, they need to...
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1.) Don’t lie about assets. Anything in your name needs to be listed with your assets. What’s an asset? Anything you could sell or own according to the law. 2.) Don’t leave out creditors or debts. If you leave out a debt then they can come after you for the money. All creditors must know...
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Completing a personal bankruptcy checklist prior to filing for bankruptcy can be an overwhelming. Navigating the petition can, however, is made much easier if it’s remembered that the information required in the petition can be divided into several easy-to-understand categories of figures. Assets A debtor’s bankruptcy filing has to list all assets so the extent...
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When debtors realize that they have more debt than income and it begins to feel as if there’s no way out, it’s time to consider financial freedom through personal bankruptcy. There are a lot of different things to consider when filing for bankruptcy, such as the chapter that will help the debtor most and the...
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