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Dear Action Line: I filed Chapter 7 bankruptcy as I could not make minimum payments on $15,000 in Capital One Financial credit card debt. The payment was $300 per month until they raised it to $750 per month! This I could not afford, so I filed bankruptcy. It wrote saying it was suing me for...
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This is a great article and Friendly Restaurants and ice cream are a New England tradition. I look forward to the bankruptcy helping them more forward. By Michael Bathon Dec. 29 (Bloomberg) — Friendly Ice Cream Corp., the 76- year-old restaurant chain, won court approval to sell the business, allowing it to be retained by...
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The ink was barely dry on the bankruptcy filing of AMR Corp., the parent company of American Airlines, when Chris in Tulsa wondered “why companies can get away with things that individuals can’t.” “If I try to walk away from my debts and my creditors, everything in my life would be (messed) up for a...
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