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Legal Services: Any person can file for bankruptcy themselves but the paperwork and process must be completed in a timely and detailed manner or your bankruptcy could be rejected. A Massachusetts bankruptcy attorney can make the process go much smoother and precisely by assisting in these areas: Counsel: When bankruptcy is a consideration, a debtor...
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Are your wages being garnished? If so, you are well aware of the stress that this situation causes. There was obviously not enough income to begin with or you wouldn’t have gotten behind on your payments but now that they are garnishing your wages this is certainly making the situation worse – not better. If...
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Foreclosure on your home is a miserable experience that can ruin your finances, your credit and leave you in the lurch trying to find suitable housing for your family. On top of the stress of trying to keep your home, you must fend off scammers trying to rip you off. These fraudulent companies take advantage...
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