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A Massachusetts bankruptcy case is a complex legal litigation matter. As such, there are often many different people involved beyond just the debtor (the person that owes money, and is seeking bankruptcy). Creditors in Bankruptcy   Creditors are the lenders, individuals or companies that are owed money by the debtor. These debts can be for...
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Filing bankruptcy can affect your assets in a variety of ways. It all depends on the specific asset, the amount, if any, owed on that asset, and the type of bankruptcy you choose. Cars and Homes Most people do not lose their vehicles or homes in a Chapter 7 filing of bankruptcy. You should do...
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Legal Services: Any person can file for bankruptcy themselves but the paperwork and process must be completed in a timely and detailed manner or your bankruptcy could be rejected. A Massachusetts bankruptcy attorney can make the process go much smoother and precisely by assisting in these areas: Counsel: When bankruptcy is a consideration, a debtor...
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