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This is a great article about a new foreclosure law in the Worchester Telegram & Gazette. If you or a love one is facing foreclosure give the chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyers at the Law Office of Brian R Lewis a call, it could save your home. By Steven H. Foskett Jr. TELEGRAM & GAZETTE STAFF...
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By Donna Goodison And Jerry Kronenberg Royal Bank of Scotland subsidiary has agreed to pay $52 million to settle charges that it traded more than 700 “presumptively unfair” sub-prime mortgages given to Massachusetts homeowners during the housing boom. The payment will settle allegations that RBS Financial Products Inc., formerly known as Greenwich Capital Financial Products...
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By Jon Chesto The Patriot Ledger For the first time in more than a year in Massachusetts, the foreclosure rate headed upward again when compared to the same month in the prior year. The Warren Group reported that lenders and mortgage servicers filed 1,193 initial petitions to foreclose last month, a 5.9-percent increase from the...
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Boston, MA (MMD Newswire) October 21, 2011 – -The foreclosure crisis in Massachusetts and elsewhere in the USA is a complicated issue governed by a variety of self-interests. These are being played out at the emotional and financial expense of those with the greatest need. In August of this year, Massachusetts posted an alarming, single...
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Three states conducting their own probes of residential mortgage practices are resisting broad liability releases sought by banks to settle a nationwide foreclosure investigation. The banks, in settlement talks with state and federal officials, are seeking releases that would protect them from future legal liabilities. Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley said yesterday she won’t endorse...
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