April 16, 2013
Most people want to pay their bills but unforeseen situations can arise such as unemployment, divorce, health issues that create a financial hardship which makes paying the bills impossible. When a person gets over the fear of filing for bankruptcy they can embrace the positive elements and the fresh start it can bring. The positive...
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When a person has too much bad debt that he or she cannot manage, one of the few options that may be considered is filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. While this option may have a few disadvantages, the benefits outweigh the demerits by far. A person should hire an experienced bankruptcy lawyer to ensure that...
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Individual financial problems tend to have an unfortunate ripple effect for many people, and a manageable financial situation may unravel quickly due to a single unexpected expense. Falling behind in mortgage payments may be one of the most stressful financial issues to deal with, and the creditor calls can leave any homeowner feeling overwhelmed. Paying...
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