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The Benefits of

Filing Bankruptcy in Massachusetts

Bankruptcy Lawyer in Brockton and all of Massachusetts

Declaring bankruptcy is not an easy decision, but when facing a financial hardship, may be the only option you have for moving forward. The majority of our clients are worried about the negative effect bankruptcy will have on their life, such as the loss of assets and the inability to obtain new credit. However, we want to reassure you that the benefits of bankruptcy, in most cases, outweigh the risks.

The Bankruptcy Law Office of Brian R. Lewis can, not only help you understand the benefits and the risks of bankruptcy, but provide you with a plan for starting over.

Stop Foreclosure and Protect Yourself

Filing either Chapter 7 Bankruptcy or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy will stop all creditor action, potentially allowing you to keep your home, car and other assets. Call Attorney Brian Lewis today to set your bankruptcy process in motion to stop the stress of foreclosure and repossession.

Stop the Collection Calls

Financial issues can place undue emotional stress on a person and family. Bankruptcy can help relieve the pressure by eliminating creditor calls and harassment immediately. You will no longer receive threatening phone calls of lawsuits, as bankruptcy places an ‘automatic stay,’ ending creditor collection activity on your debts.

Improved Credit after Bankruptcy

The myth surrounding bankruptcy is that it ruins your credit – however, this is only a myth. In fact, bankruptcy allows you to start with a clean slate and rebuild your credit. By discharging, or eliminating, your debt, you have improved your debt ratio. Over time, you can build a much higher and stronger credit score.

Call Our Experienced Lawyers

These are only a few concepts about your credit and the benefits of filing bankruptcy in Massachusetts. Contact the bankruptcy lawyer in Brockton at Law Office of Brian R. Lewis to discuss life after bankruptcy and to learn more about improving your credit. If you have any more questions regarding bankruptcy, or would like to receive a free initial consultation to discuss your specific bankruptcy needs, contact Attorney Brian R. Lewis today. Bankruptcy can be confusing and difficult to manage, do not go through it alone.

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