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When making the critical decision to file for personal bankruptcy protection, there is a plethora of information available. In these days of the Internet, iPhones, and information about anything available with the dance of our fingers, it is always possible that we may not pick up on the best, or even accurate information. As with...
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This is a great article and Friendly Restaurants and ice cream are a New England tradition. I look forward to the bankruptcy helping them more forward. By Michael Bathon Dec. 29 (Bloomberg) — Friendly Ice Cream Corp., the 76- year-old restaurant chain, won court approval to sell the business, allowing it to be retained by...
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Are you struggling financially and considering filing personal bankruptcy? Many people struggle greatly with this decision because they are so worried about the ramifications of their choice. However, most people are unaware of the fact that there are several advantages to filing personal bankruptcy that should be taken into consideration as well. Finding Support While...
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By Donna Goodison And Jerry Kronenberg Royal Bank of Scotland subsidiary has agreed to pay $52 million to settle charges that it traded more than 700 “presumptively unfair” sub-prime mortgages given to Massachusetts homeowners during the housing boom. The payment will settle allegations that RBS Financial Products Inc., formerly known as Greenwich Capital Financial Products...
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Boston, MA (MMD Newswire) October 21, 2011 – -The foreclosure crisis in Massachusetts and elsewhere in the USA is a complicated issue governed by a variety of self-interests. These are being played out at the emotional and financial expense of those with the greatest need. In August of this year, Massachusetts posted an alarming, single...
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