Credit and Bankruptcy
In an ideal world, a person declaring bankruptcy would have an opportunity to clean up their financial life and never look back. Once the challenge of filing is over, things get back on track and there are no more financial issues from that point forward. Unfortunately, in the real world, bankruptcy does not automatically guarantee...
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If you are facing financial difficulties and just in the process of considering bankruptcy, you are probably receiving a lot of calls from creditors. Once you officially file for bankruptcy, the creditors are legally required to stop contacting you. However, until that official declaration is made, they are free to contact you about the money...
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Bankruptcy is a difficult decision, but it is the best option for many who are facing financial crisis. Bankruptcy has a negative stigma attached to it, but it can actually be a new beginning for someone who is struggling. It can end that feeling of drowning in debt and allow you to get control of...
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You have recently emerged from bankruptcy, it is important to take a look at what caused the financial hardship and make sure you do not go down these paths again. Many people end up in bankruptcy due to bad luck (loss of job or medical issue) others have simply spent more than they could afford...
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Are you struggling financially and considering filing personal bankruptcy? Many people struggle greatly with this decision because they are so worried about the ramifications of their choice. However, most people are unaware of the fact that there are several advantages to filing personal bankruptcy that should be taken into consideration as well. Finding Support While...
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Filing bankruptcy is never an easy decision to make. When a person has fallen into too much debt, then it is usually a last resort. However, filing bankruptcy does not mean that your credit is ruined forever. The action stays on your credit report for seven to ten years, but there are many things that...
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