Personal Debt
A Brockton bankruptcy attorney is often asked by a client if they will lose their house or car? Most of the time, the answer is no. Filing a Chapter 7 personal bankruptcy will allow you to discharge most of your debts, but not all of them. Under the Bankruptcy Act of 2005, certain debts can...
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You have recently emerged from bankruptcy, it is important to take a look at what caused the financial hardship and make sure you do not go down these paths again. Many people end up in bankruptcy due to bad luck (loss of job or medical issue) others have simply spent more than they could afford...
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Credit Card Debt Credit card debt cases are accelerated as we over leverage ourselves and live beyond our means. A continuous rise in the default cases is in turn weakening the complete financial system. The problem seems similar to the mortgages gone bad dilemma. People are lagging behind in their credit card payments, number of...
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